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In this section you can access the open auctions on our website. Bid on our products and Get them at the best price.

No active auctions.

We currently do not have open auctions on the web. Stay tuned to our website to not miss auctions that will soon be available.

Information about the auction

How do they work?

Frimapesca auctions operate similarly to any other auction of goods or objects, in which the different users offer a maximum amount that they are willing to pay for said goods or Objects.

At all times you can see the time remaining until the auction ends, and what is the current value of the winning bid.

Users enter a maximum amount and check instantly if they are the highest bidders or not.

The user whose bid is the highest at the time the auction ends, will be the winner of the auction.

Who can access to auctions?

Any registered and active user on the web can participate in auctions bidding for the merchandise offered

Transport costs

At the time of To make the bid, a user must take into account that the transport costs are not included. The user can check at all times how much the transport costs amount in the auction window itself.

Automatic bidding

Frimapesca's auction system works with automatic bidding system. This means that a user enters what is the maximum amount they are willing to pay for said merchandise, but this does not mean that the bid goes up to that amount.

This is an example of how bidding works. Automatic:
Suppose an auction has a starting price of € 4.02 / kg and the minimum raise is € 0.02. A userA can place a bid of € 4.04 / kg or more. In case you enter € 4.10 / kg, the auction will go up to a current value of € 4.04 / kg and userA will be the current winner of the auction.
Suppose a userB arrives at the auction (which currently has a value of € 4.04 / kg.) and enter € 4.06 / kg. At that time, user A's bid amounts to € 4.06 / kg. and € 4.08 / kg. are activated (remember that you had entered that you were willing to pay up to € 4.10 / kg), and userA remains the highest bidder.
If userB makes a bid greater than € 4.10 / kg, then it would become the highest bidder.


In case of equality of amount in a bid, the user who made it first will be the one whose bid will be considered the winner.

Bids cannot be deleted once they have been matched or exceeded by another user.

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